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Make change work for you. 

Watching people learn, grow and understand themselves is what brings me joy. We all face a unique journey and unique obstacles to happiness. Being able to make the most of ourselves, adapt to adversity and make the best of change is fundamental to finding joy and realizing our potential.


I believe building meaning, resilience and self-awareness are fundamental skills. Why? Because everyone deserves a shot at building a valued life and achieving their goals, so that's what's at the core of what we offer.




Do you actively seek challenges? What are your areas of avoidance? What do you do well?

Being able to bounce back from setbacks and understand our responses to change is an essential life skill. It helps us to adapt to new challenges and take advantage of opportunities.

We will help you to understand your strengths prior before your first session. Throughout sessions you will also learn to effectively use your strengths and practice improving your areas of growth.

You will also have the option to go through structured training in mental toughness, mindfulness and emotional awareness. These sessions give you an understanding of resilience skills as well as advanced strategies for improving your everyday experiences.


Mental Health and Emotional Wellness

Do you feel like you are running on autopilot? Do you wish you were better able to understand your emotions?

Understanding and harnessing your emotions is foundational to building resilience and growth. You will learn how to understand your physical and emotional cues, as well as learn healthy habits for channeling your energy.  

You will have access to a mental health professional (Licensed Professional Counselor/Art Therapist) and evidence based treatments for trauma, grief and substance use. We will work on understanding your physical and emotional habits, and their effect on your actions. This will help you to develop strategies for living a life more in line with who you want to be.


Growth and Prevention

Do you have a purpose, mission or "why" for your life? Do your actions, thoughts and behaviors line up with the things that are most important to you?

Building a mission for your life that includes meaning and  values is the most important step to growth. We will work together to understand who you want to be, what your core values are and what you really want. We will do this with your aspirations and dreams in mind, and this will give you a compass you can follow well after our time together has ended.

We will also focus on finding your unique capacities to grow into the person you want to be and adapt to any challenges along the way. This means prevention focused strategies, and 1 on 1 support until you feel comfortable with tackling your goals on your own.


Resilience. Wellness. Growth.

Take the first step to a stronger you.

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GEtTING starTED on your journey

What to expect at the beginning

During your first session, we will ​meet to discuss your plans and what you want to accomplish. This session helps us figure out where to start, what you want to be able to do, and helps you to identify your strengths and supports. It lasts between 1.5 and 2 hours. 

After we have developed some direction, you will decide on how often to meet and we will schedule regular, ongoing sessions.

​1 on 1  online counseling via teletherapy.

In person sessions in Colorado coming soon.

Frontline workers receive a 25% discount on all services, and are eligible for 4 free sessions based on income, see our pricing page for additional details.

We provide superbills for insurance reimbursement, as well as

an income based fee structures and payment plan options*.

(*contact us for payment plan options)


Please see COVID-19 safety regulations if you are interested in face-to-face/community sessions.

Your First Visit
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