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Trauma Informed Counseling and Resilience

Training in Southfield and Metro Detroit

Why Choose Clear Direction Counseling?

Why Clear Direction

Affordable, accessible strategies for everyone.

Access to quality mental health services is largely reserved for those able to afford private practice rates. As a result, the only time most people come into contact with any type of therapy is during a challenging time or a crisis. I want to change that. At Clear Direction we recognize that mental wellness is a right, not a privilege. So we offer quality, trauma informed therapy at affordable rates to make our services more accessible.

Holistic wellness with an emphasis on growth.

Even the strongest among us can feel lost, unsure, ambivalent, or unhappy at times. Knowledge of our body, environment and self is essential to understanding our emotions. We also recognize that growth is unique to an individual and happens in many ways. So we combine strategies for understanding our natural biological responses with evidence based psychotherapy techniques to help with managing emotional stress at home, at work or in high pressure environments.

Unconventional experiences need unique approaches.

The conventional approach to treating mental health problems is teaching ways to deal with stress AFTER it has occurred. This approach supports the idea of dysfunction and a "cure" for isolated "symptoms". But very few folks talk about how to manage our physical, mental and emotional energy reserves in a comprehensive way that builds on what is working well and addresses issues BEFORE they become unmanageable. We recognize that your wellness includes all aspects of your life, not just the challenging parts. So we put that awareness at the forefront and help you practice your strengths everyday. We push you to use your unique capacities and social supports to sustainable change in your life. And we offer community based sessions that help you practice and bridge the gap between idea and application. 

We teach you skills to thrive, and do it in a way that is unique to you.

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If you have any questions and would like to discuss any services, please reach out for a complimentary phone consultation or send an email.

I will book your first session within 24 hours of you contacting me.

(248) 450-6225


Please use our Online Scheduling Tool or call the office to schedule an appointment or for any scheduling changes.

Schedule by phone:(248) 450-6225


We provide services at cost, which means you can expect to pay $70 for an assessment and $35 for individual sessions. Based on your income you can opt in to a sliding scale market rate if you would like to support the practice and help it grow.

See the pricing page for more info.


Currently I am an out-of-network provider for insurance billing.


I provide superbills which can be used to receive insurance reimbursement based on your policy. I am a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) in the state of Michigan, please check with your insurance provider prior to starting services to see if they cover mental health services provided by an out of network LPC (see my bio page for my licensure details).

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About Me


I'm Eric Suter


Therapist, Coach, and Data Nerd.

I'm a little less of "lets sit down and dig in" therapist and more of a methodical "lets explore what this does" spirit animal. I like to experiment, try new things and understand what happens. Living that life means I've made mistakes, failed at things and learned some hard lessons. But it also means that I'm all about failing forward and getting feedback from those mistakes. I'm always learning and growing as a person and a helper. It also means that I've developed a passion for helping folks deal with struggle and the growth that comes with it. 

I do that work with everyone that comes through my door. We work together to find ways toward overcoming your internal barriers and pain. We use your unique competencies and personal strengths, and move toward transformation in the process.

About Me
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