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Washing Hands

For our safety as well as your safety we have instituted the following policies regarding COVID-19

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  • If you have booked one or more in person sessions, you will be asked to complete a COVID-19 screening questionnaire prior to every in person session.

    • If you have any signs of illness (cough, fever, fatigue, shortness of breath, etc) you will be asked to consult with your doctor and reschedule for teletherapy sessions.

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Harm Mitigation for Vulnerable Populations:

  • If you are over the age of 50, you will only be able to be seen for teletherapy sessions.

    • Because of the age related risk factors associated with COVID-19, we are only allowing teletherapy those in this vulnerable population.

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  • All surfaces and Art Therapy materials are disinfected between sessions using a 70% alcohol disinfectant.

    • A bleach solution is used to sanitize surfaces after all sessions have been completed for a day.

    • We follow the CDC's guidelines regarding cleaning and disinfecting our office using approved cleaning supplies.

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  • A HEPA and UV-C air filtration and purification system is utilized in the office; including during sessions.

    • Increasing air flow and using a HEPA and UV-C air purification system is recommended by the EPA as part of a COVID-19 mitigation strategy [EPA website]


​Protective Measures

  • Masks are required for in person sessions.

​​How to properly wear a mask

  • Whenever possible individuals will maintain 6' of distance during in person sessions.

    • Furniture and layout accommodations have been made to facilitate sufficient distance between individuals

    • Maintaining 6 feet of distance has been found to be effective in reducing the probability of viral transmission during a pandemics [Markel et. al 2007].

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